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2016 Annual Review
Pursuant to Ohio Department of Insurance Rule 3901-7-01

Stepan CPA Firm understands the nature of your business through our work with title agency engagements since we opened in 1985. Your review with us will be as pleasant an experience as possible, because we put your comfort and convenience first.

Our simple approach streamlines the steps, and puts the follow-up work into our hands, so you can look forward to the finished report, and the completion of another year.


The annual review covers the twelve month period ending August 31st.

Reports are due by January 15th for the previous fiscal twelve month period ending.

What does the title agency need to do?

To start, everyone must complete and send to us the simple five page form, called Annual Title Agent/Agency Review form, INS 3283. We will provide print versions as needed.

When we receive your completed form at Stepan CPA Firm, Inc., we will send you an engagement letter to sign, and your current year's checklist that shows what documents and reports we will need for your annual review.

Actual Review - Upon receipt of your signed engagement letter and checklist items, our staff will generate follow-up questions for you, and begin preparation of the report. There may be additional documents and/or reports needed after we go over the package you sent to us.

Reporting - After all of your information is received, we will generate a draft of the completed report for you to go over.

What happens with our completed report?

File our Review Report and your Form INS 3283 (or have our firm submit everything for you), via the new Annual Title Review Filing System, or mail them directly to the Department of Insurance prior to January 15th. A copy of our report must also be submitted to each title insurance underwriter that you represented during the previous fiscal reporting period ended August 31st, by the following January 15th. We will provide you with all filing and mailing information.

What do we do now?

Contact Joe or Kathy Stepan right away, to get started:

216-226-0300 (office)

Stepan CPA Firm, Inc.
14051 Madison Ave., Suite East
Lakewood, OH 44107

216-226-0301 fax

If you would like to start this process right away you may do so by completing the Annual Title Agent/Agency Review Form, INS 3283, sign page 5, and send it to our office (we recommend encrypted email, U.S. Mail, or fax via 216-226-0301).